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University of Tehran ACM Student Chapter

Address: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University College of Engineering, University of Tehran, North Kargar street, Tehran, Iran.

Chapter URL: http://acm.ut.ac.ir

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ramtin Khosravi [email protected]
Chair: Amirreza Dadfarnia [email protected]
Vice Chair: Hossein Asghari [email protected]
Treasurer: Hooman Habibnia [email protected]
Secretary: Sara Javadzadeh [email protected]
Webmaster: Faraz Yazdani [email protected]
Recruitments team head: Mohammad Babamahmoudi [email protected]
Supervisor: Pejman Hosseini [email protected]
Advising Committee:
Babak Mehrabi (Chair 2012-13) [email protected]
Hamed Zamani (Chair 2011-12) [email protected]
Farzaneh Ghods (Chair 2010-11) [email protected]
S. Shamim Taheri (Vice Chair 2006-07) [email protected]
Journal Editor-in-Chief: Ehsan Hajyasini [email protected]
Journal Advisors: Yasaman Razeghi [email protected]
Kimia Kiani
Head of Executive Committee: Pooya Moradi [email protected]
Head of Development Team: Sepehr Sameni [email protected]
Contests Team Head: Navid Salehnamadi [email protected]
Contests Team Advisor: Amir Saboury [email protected]
Seminars Team Head: Ali Shiravand [email protected]
Amir Masoud Zare 
Translator and Literary Editor: Nooshin Shahidzadeh [email protected]
Seminars Team Advisor: Mohammad Mahdavidoust [email protected]
Graphic Design Team:
Mohammad Mahdi Mahdizadeh
Mohammad Khallaghi
Seyed Hasan Mohaghegh Beheshti
Networks Team Head: Mehran Meidani

Description of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

URL: http://ece.ut.ac.ir

The school of electrical and computer engineering at university of Tehran is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Iran. Hosting more than 70 academic and 30 support and technical staff, school of ECE provides a friendly, modern and supportive environment which consistently leads to excellence in education and cutting-edge research. Offering both undergraduate and graduate programs, the school is a highly admired engineering college in Iran.

Flexibility of Graduate programs at ECE, encourages students to envision their educational goals early on, and move toward them with assistance of members of the faculty. In addition to participating in the educational curriculum, undergraduate students are welcomed at laboratories.

On average, number of students who major in the fields of Computer Engineering and Information Technology at the school of ECE is:

B.Sc. in Software Engineering: 130
B.Sc. in Hardware Engineering: 100
B.Sc. in Information Technology: 100
M.Sc. in Software Engineering: 20
M.Sc. in Hardware Engineering: 25
M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence: 15
M.Sc. in Information Technology: 10
PH.D. in Software Engineering: 6
PH.D. in Hardware Engineering: 6
PH.D. in Artificial Intelligence: 6

Description of the chapter

ACM student chapter at University of Tehran began its activity on January 10th, 2001 as the first ACM student chapter in Iran. The main motivation behind establishment of this chapter, was promoting knowledge and adequate skills among students studying computer science. Consistent engagement with students and encouraging them to pursue and improve their ideas, were other goals behind the formation of this chapter. Our engagement with students were mostly in following context:

  • Conducting introductory sessions in both software and hardware engineering, focused on technologies, methods, and views
  • Hosting educational workshops, which in turn leads to better social and managerial skill among students
  • Forming and participating in groups of special purpose

This chapter is also known as the scientific chapter of the computer engineering college of University of Tehran.

School Services

The Tehran ACM student chapter tries to keep the student community active by organizing a lot of medium or large scale events, each aimed to improve part of their skills. We try to create a sense of community and active competition and strive for betterment. And we think that no single huge event keeps the students attached and intrigued.

Ubuntu Festival Organized with the help of Iranian Ubuntu Users Community, it was composed of two main parts, technical workshops and annual speeches. And apart from promoting knowledge, organizing such programs can be potentially effective in increasing team-work ability among students. 300 attendees

Live Streaming Project: ACM live stream service is a solution that enables hundreds of viewers to join in on events that are either inaccessible to them or simply too crowded To participate. This service started in May 2014 is currently available through http://live.ut.ac.ir to all departments and faculties of the university of Tehran. More than 1500 distinct viewers

ACM Vahed Project -Course and Term Planner- This year a team of 10 people focused on developing and enriching this application. It has become the routine way of course planning. Used by more than 800 people

F1 Scientific Quarterly Journal This Journal is peer-less at its level. It was recently named “Best Engineering Publication” in University of Tehran’s publications festival. It is freely distributed online at http://acm.ut.ac.ir/f1 (The Journal’s table of contents is also available in English for the last issue.)

Internet Engineering Festival The 2nd Internet Engineering Festival of University of Tehran with the subject of Internet of Things was held at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of University of Tehran with collaboration of University of Tehran ACM Student Chapter. 200 attendees

University of Tehran ACM Internet Contest Participation in ACM ICPC is one the main programs of the University of Tehran's ACM student chapter, so by holding preparation classes and practice contests the chapter helps talented students to become more adept at ICPC style problem solving. In 2015, UT ACM contest held both on-site and online (on sharecode.io). 98 teams participated in contest. With former coordination 25 teams of universities of Tehran attended in contest at site of ECE school of University of Tehran.

Technical Talks In January holidays, we invited students and professors who lives outside of Iran to give talks. We managed to organize 3 talks on big data, deep learning, and streaming algorithms, which are areas that are not covered in the curriculum. 300 attendees

Summer classes This program’s main goal is to create an appropriate atmosphere during summers for the students interested in learning and cooperating with big-scale software projects and is mainly aimed at freshmen, trying to introduce them to teamwork and giving them space to use what they have learned through the first year.

Other Notable Services:

■ Technical workshops (Git workshop, PHP Workshop)

■ XP Games for Freshmen (No. of Participants: 70)

■ How to Apply Seminar

■ FSEN International Conference

■ “Mobiro Apptalent” Android Development Contest

Lifelong Learning

ACM offers lifelong learning resources including online books and courses from Skillsoft, TechTalks on the hottest topics in computing and IT, and more.


ACM Case Studies

Written by leading domain experts for software engineers, ACM Case Studies provide an in-depth look at how software teams overcome specific challenges by implementing new technologies, adopting new practices, or a combination of both. Often through first-hand accounts, these pieces explore what the challenges were, the tools and techniques that were used to combat them, and the solution that was achieved.