SIG Conference Planning Guide

Dear Conference Leaders,

Congratulations on your appointment to Chair an ACM sponsored or co-sponsored event. This Guide was developed as a resource for conference organizers. It is divided into 8 sections to allow committee members to focus on a particular area of interest.   

Conferences that are part of an existing ACM sponsored or co-sponsored series may submit a Preliminary Approval Form (PAF). Once approved by the sponsoring SIG leadership, you’ll have the ability to promote the event and begin the site selection process. Conferences new to ACM are advised to submit a Technical Meting Request Form (TMRF). This will give the sponsoring SIG leaders the necessary information to approve sponsorship or co-sponsorship. Both forms are explained and linked to from the Guide.

Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of a conference means that ACM is taking legal and financial responsibility for the event on behalf of a Special Interest Group. As a result, there are required practices and policies that need to be followed. The Guide will outline those for you. In addition, the ACM headquarters staff can provide assistance on site selection, finances, contract negotiation and general practices in running an ACM event. To determine your point of contact, see the SIG Services Staff page.

Feedback on the Guide is welcome. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.


Donna Cappo, Director of SIG Services

Table of Contents

Establishing an ACM Sponsored or Co-sponsored Event  

Site Selection, Venue and Hotel Contracting

Conference Registration

Conference Operations

Conference Finances


Conference Promotion, Printing, Awards Production

Conference Web Services